Tuesday 23 October 2012

Quail Egg Bear Bento

The boys asked for soba for their bentos, I happened to have some somen, so I packed that for them instead. :) And I made some bears from quail eggs to decorate their bentos. :)

For lunch, they had somen, quail eggs, meatballs and strawberries.

The parts of the bears are attached on with pasta, and I dotted some decor gel for their cheeks.

For School, I packed their somen with sauce in thermal jars. I also included grapes, quail egg and meatball in another box.

Sometimes, the decors are just propped up for photography purposes. Here's how I positioned the bears after that, so that the cover will close nicely. :P

Hee, I'm enjoying packing the extras in a box for myself. :) Added some okras to decorate. :)
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  1. Quail eggs make lovely animals. I must be hard work something that tiny but the results are so cute.
    Will you share some soba/somen recipe?

    1. Mayumi, it's quite fast n easy to make them, give it a try. :) I've a spicy Korean dressing n a Japanese sesame dressing for soba/somen, under my recipe, tab on top of the blog. :) The boys always hv theirs dipped in store bought soba sauce. :)

  2. Those noodles looks so delish and the eggs are SO adorable!! I will have to learn from you making them cute so that N will eat them :-)

    1. Tk u, Rina. :) LT does not like the eggs though, I still hv to coax n feed him, even if they look cute. :(

  3. Yes Ming, your quail egg so cute. You are very expert in making tiny little things ,, (^^,) awesome.


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