Wednesday 31 October 2012

Pumpkin Rilakkuma Bento

I saw a Rilakkuma pumpkin soft toy online a while back, and thought the idea was perfect for a Halloween themed bento. This marks the end of my Halloween series this year, it's been fun making them. :)

Korilakkuma pumpkin decor for the boys' lunch. It's actually rather fast making the decor because I used cutters. A bear cutter, pumpkin cutter and an oval cutter were used. I had wanted to do a tutorial but I was too busy today.

Lunch today is mutli grained rice, broccoli, chicken seaweed rolls and strawberries.

Rilakkuma pumpkin to decorate the snack boxes.

The boxes are packed with ham and cheese sandwiches and strawberries.
Where to get same or similar stuff seen in today's post:


  1. I love your this theme! Your idea & always inspire me....

  2. Agree with MyNoble Baby that your ideas always inspire me. Can't wait for your bento everyday! Hehehe

  3. Happy Halloween! Very cute Rilakkuma and I love the pumpkin costume!:)

    1. Tk u, Rina. Happy Halloween to U! We don't celebrate it though. ;)

  4. Happy Halloween Ming, queen of Kawaii!!!

  5. Hi dear, did you make the chicken seaweed rolls yourself? If yes, please teach me how to make d:)

    Also, I've been trying to subscribe to your blog via email (by entering my email into the box), but I never receive the confirmation email to click. I've tried a few times already.

    1. Yup, it's the ebikko seaweed chicken roll recipe, I did not add ebikko this round, save money, lol. :p Alamak, I've no idea why, I only to how to add, dunno whether it wks, n how to troubleshoot. Hmmm, maybe I will just remove it since it does not wk.

  6. Oh ok, afterwards I went to your recipes page and saw the recipe d:)


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