Wednesday 3 October 2012

Farm Bento

I'm joining a bento hop tomorrow, and my bento post will be up later than usual. This Friday is a School holiday, so I won't be making any bentos. However, I'm making a picnic bento on Saturday, so I'll do a post over the weekend. :)

Bento Berries has kindly sponsored these cupcake rings for today's bentos. I thought the chickens and sheeps toppers were perfect for my farm house bento today. :)

Farm house made out of crabstick and fence are bread crust.

For lunch, they had rice, broccoli, prawn paste wings and strawberries. :)

Farm House made out of bread. Added grapes and prawn paste wings as well.

I packed a frozen drink in their lunch box. I always put a frozen drink in their lunch bag, but this is the first time I'm putting it in their lunch box directly.

Salad again for my dinner yesterday, this time I added in portobello.

Lunch today, rice, minced pork/egg, prawn paste wings and pickled cucumbers. :)

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  1. Awww I love the barn, so creative and the animals fit right in!!!! Reminds me of one of N's Fisher Price Little People Farm that he used to play when he was little. I still have the set, I am a toy hoarder too,hehehe.

    1. Tk u, Rina. We still keep all their toys, but hubby is thinking of clearing n giving away their baby toys soon. :)

  2. So funny idea the farm ^^ Toppers are perfect for it, and sheeps are so cute.

  3. Ming, these are delightful! They are like perfect little playsets that I always wanted as a kid! Awww the little farm houses I want to keep them!

    1. Tk u, Keisha. :) Now that u mentioned, they do look like play sets, lol. :)


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