Tuesday 16 October 2012

Pooh Halloween Bento

The Halloween bento hop has been postponed to tomorrow instead. I'm continuing with my Halloween theme for this week. :)

This snack bento was done yesterday for LT. IT had no School and LT had to report early for concert rehearsal. I just made a simple box using coloured bread and my Halloween cutter set. The idea to do this came after I saw Bentoriffic's Halloween bento. However, the imprints are much nicer on her bread. She has kindly shared some tips on how to make the imprints better, I thought I'll share it as well, so anyone reading can benefit from it too. She advised me to use a rolling pin to flatten the bread first. If the bread is too thick, she will microwave it for 5 seconds, before rolling. I've got to try this out next time. :)

Pooh Onigiri bento for LT's lunch today. I've also packed pork cutlets, broccoli, grapes and strawberries. :)

Bread version of Pooh for LT to bring to School. In the box are bread spread with strawberry jam, pork cutlet and grapes.

Packed this for my lunch, love the purple carrots, they make pretty flowers cut outs. I ended up eating out with IT, so just had this for my dinner instead. :P
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  1. I love the vampire Pooh bears! Super cute idea!!

  2. Though Pooh had turn to vampire but is still very cute....

  3. LOVE the Pooh bears, so cute even being a vampire :)

  4. awww...what a cute vampire pooh!!! love it!!

  5. incredible! I also do a allouée Pooh bento for my lunch !

  6. Love it! Vampire Pooh looks sooo cute, that's hard to belive he's a vampire ^^


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