Tuesday 30 April 2013

Children's Day Bento

Kodomo No Hi is the name for Japan's Children's Day, used to be called boys' festival. I made some bentos last year for this festival, and today, I'm sharing what I made this year. :)

Made these pandas last Thursay. Pandas are holding carp flags, known as Koinobori. :) Panda's hat are folded from wax paper. I did a tutorial last year on how to fold these hats, click HERE to see. :) Do you like this Monbento box I'm using? Monbento is kindly sponsoring a similar box for giveaway. :) I will post the giveaway tomorrow night and it will open after midnight. :)

Panda is made from rice and nori. Carps are sausages. I packed the bento with gyoza, broccoli, strawberries and golden kiwis as well.

I also made sandwich versions. The pandas are cut with a cookie cutter and ingredients used are nori and cheese.

Panda's hat is made from ham and cheese, and carps are made from ham and nori.

I made these simple Koinobori sandwiches for my my boys last Friday.

Ingredients used are Ham, carrot, broccoli, nori and cheese. :)

Some of my friends from Bento Blogger & Friends took part in a bento contest organised by Bento & Co. They did not make it into the finals, but they will be sharing their wonderful bentos in a bento hop. Please hop over to Becoming a Bentoholic's blog to check out their awesome entries.
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