Tuesday 9 April 2013

My Melody & Monbento Review

I am happy to receive a single Monbento box, egg molds and sauce cups, all generously sponsored by Monbento. I will review the sauce cups today and will review the other two items tomorrow.

The sauce cups comes in pairs and in a variety of colours. The ones I received are pink/fushia, which goes perfectly well with both our single Monbento and Monbento original boxes.

The opening by screw cap with silicone seal works very well. The cups are also dishwasher safe and BPA free. These cups are great for salad dressing, ketchup, mayo, syrup, etc.

I made My Melody for the bentos and packed the boxes with broccoli, grilled chicken and strawberries. I filled the sauce cups with some ketchup. The sauce cups fits great in the box and looks beautiful. :)

My melody is rice, part of it coloured with sakura denbu and rolled in pink flakes. I've no idea what the pink flakes are called, they are like bonito flakes and made from fish.

I also made some My Melody sandwiches for my boys' snacks. These are jam sandwiches, packed with grapes.

My Melody's bow is made by cutting out two hearts and a circle. :)

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  1. Such a cute My Melody bento and I love the pink flakes, very nice pink and I am sure taste great too!:)

    1. Tk u, Rina, yes, it's slightly salty n goes well with rice. :)

  2. These are lovely! Where do you get pink bread locally? I have been looking around and not able to find any.

    1. These are those pink/green bread at neighbourhood bakeries, I just use the pink portion. :)

  3. I have difficulties! To eat or not to eat! It is just too nice, dear...

  4. it's beautiful! where to get the pink flakes? :)

  5. Beautiful !!

    Synthia from monbento

  6. gosh....loved it so much!!!


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