Friday 19 April 2013

Elmo & Cookie Monster Burger Bento

It's been sometime since I made burgers for lunch. I decided to make some on Wednesday and serve them in wooden crates for my boys.

I decorated one burger as Elmo and the other one as Cookie Monster. However, when my boys saw the burger, they said I've made Ernie instead, lol.

These are chicken burger, with hash browns and strawberries. To make the patties, I mixed minced chicken with fish paste, coat them with panko and shallow fried them in oil.

I packed and decorated a set for myself too. It does looks like Ernie here, I should have added on his hair, lol.

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  1. This puts a smile on my face, super cute!:)I have not made Elmo before and will have to give it a try :)

  2. I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award, if you wish to participate everything you need to know is here;

  3. These are so cute! They must have really enjoyed this! Love the idea of serving in wooden crates too, haven't been able to find nice ones.

    1. Tk u Jean! These are fr Daiso but bought rather long ago.

  4. super cute! love the wooden crates too!


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