Friday 26 April 2013

Chopper & Hello Kitty Bento

Sanrio has a line of One Piece Chopper and Hello Kitty collaborative merchandise, this crossover series has Hello Kitty and Chopper cosplay as each other. The merchandise are super kawaii.

The bentos I'm sharing features Chopper disguised as Hello Kitty and Hello Kitty wearing Chopper's trademark hat. :) My initial plan was to do both versions on the same day, but changed my mind because I was lazy. Bentos were done over two days, Hello Kitty on Tuesday and Chopper on Wednesday. :)

Hello Kitty made from rice, nori ham and cheese, pink rice was colored with Sakura denbu.

My boys are sharing this bento. It's packed with grilled salmon, broccoli, Chopper Kamaboko, grapes and strawberries.

Chopper is made from rice, ham, cheese and nori, his face portion is rice coloured with a little dark soya sauce.

The sides are cheese tonkatsu, sausage, broccoli, Chopper Kamaboko, grapes and strawberries.

I made these Hello Kitty waffles for breakfast around two weeks back.

I bought the Hello Kitty waffle pan last year but this is the first time I took a photo of the waffle I made using it. :)
Bunting - Dots and Stripes - Rainbow - 1
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  1. So cute! Love the combinations. Did you get the kamaboko in Japan?

  2. Love the kitty wafer!! super cute!

  3. OMG! Super kawaii! and i love the HK waffle so so much!

  4. The lunches are super cute and colorful! I love the waffle as well:)


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