Wednesday 10 April 2013

Eiffel Tower & Monbento Review

I've another two products from Monbento to review today. The products are a single tier bento box and a set of 2 square egg molds, both kindly sponsored by Monbento.

The egg molds come in a set of two. They have the words 'egg' and 'Bon appetit' on the lids, and these gets imprinted on your egg after you mould them. The egg molds are BPA free and dishwasher safe. They are made from good quality plastic and feels soft to the touch.

To use the mold, simply shell the egg while it's still hot and put it in the mold. After that, place the egg in the fridge or cold water for at least 10 minutes before removing. Here's the egg I shaped using the egg mold in my bento. The words are imprinted on the egg well but I did not manage to capture the imprinted words on the egg in the photo. :(

I also received this beautiful single tier box from Monbento. I did a review on their double tier box before, you can read about it HERE. If you find the double tier box too big, this should be the perfect size for you. This box is 500ml, made from PBT that is very resistant, and yet the exterior feels soft to the touch. The box is also 100% airtight, and microwave safe.

It can stack up with my double tier box as well, which means I now have another colour combi for my double tier bento box. :)

Since Monbento is from France, I decided to pack an Eiffel Tower in the bento. I've been to France once many years back, it's really beautiful and I hope to go back again with my boys when they are older. :)

The rice are colored like the French flag, with a photo frame, containing an Eiffel Tower on it. :)

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  1. The Eiffel tower caught my eye, you made it so nice with the frame and the rice color is awesome, I love it a lot!! We went there last year and I am dreaming to go there again soon ;)

    1. Tk u, Rina. How nice, it's been years since I last went, hope to visit soon!

  2. 好有法国的味道!:)

  3. Love the Eiffel Tower cut-out! May I ask where you bought those tiny colourful things that are sprinkled on top of the rice (in the bento with the square egg). I have been looking for those but unable to find it.

  4. Jean, I've not seen it here either. I bought them online at Rakuten.

    1. Thanks Ming. Sorry to have so many questions, but what are those actually and what are they called? I was digging around the website but couldn't find it. Thanks for your patience.

    2. Np, they are called bubu arare(ぶぶあられ), n you have to buy from the site, not the international site. Hv to use a shipping agent like tenso.

    3. Oh, missed out this, they are used to coat prawns for frying, used in tea n sprinkle on rice.


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