Thursday 22 August 2013

Bear Pizza

I'm sharing some bear pizzas I made for my boys' breakfast last week. IT had no School on Friday, and LT skipped School that day. The last time I made some Panda pizzas, some of you asked how it's done. This time, I managed to take some photos on how to go about making these bear pizzas.

These pizzas are just made from bread. They are really fast and easy to do. My boys love eating these.

I used CuteZcute to cut the bread.

Please read on for the steps to make these pizza bears.

First, cut out your bread with a bear cutter if you have one. I recommend CuteZcute if you do not own one, it's a really versatile and useful cutter. You can check out all my creations using this cutter HERE. Toast your bread on both sides at 1 minute each in an oven toaster.

Spread on ketchup. Or you can also use tomato paste, pasta or pizza sauce if you prefer. Add on fillings you like and top with shredded mozzarella cheese. Return to the oven and toast till cheese melts.

Cut out a round shape from cheese, place on the pizza and add on half a blueberry for the nose. You can also replace with olives or grapes.

I used the above puncher to punch nori for the eyes. The mouth is cut out using scissors.

Finally, you can dab on some ketchup or decor gel and the bears pizza are ready to be served. :)
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  1. Hi.

    Where can I buy this cutezcute cutters in Singapore? Thanks.

    1. You can get from :)

    2. Thanks. I just received the cutters from bentoberries. It's very cute. Can't wait to try it out:)

  2. Your bears are so cute! Coincidentally I made bear pizzas using cutezcute last week too but havent posted it.

  3. Great idea!! Can't bear to eat the bear pizzas! Fm ET

  4. Very cute! My Grands would love this. Shows the power of the eyewhen it comes to eating. Gramma Sue


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