Friday 16 August 2013

Rilakkuma Sports Day Bento

It was IT's Sports Day last Wednesday, so I made a Sports Day bento for my boys' dinner the day before.

This was just part of their dinner, I've not cooked the rest of the dishes yet at the time of photo-taking. I wanted to get a picture before the sun sets.

Rilakkuma are inari sushi, and Korilakkuma is an egg sheet lying on a rice ball. There's also lettuce and teriyaki meatballs in the bento.

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  1. Super CUTE!! I love the egg sheet, turned out so nice and of course cute. Have a nice weekend Ming!

  2. I do that too! rush the photo before sun sets :P heheh

    Lovely cute bento! Always love Rilakkuma and gang

  3. Love the sports headbands they wear! If I make any bento or bake anything in the evening I will also rush to get the photos taken under natural sunlight before the sun sets!

  4. What a great way to celebrate special event. Love this cute bento!


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