Tuesday 13 August 2013

Sunny Side Up Bee Bento

The bentos I'm sharing today were made around two weeks ago. I wanted to make bees out of Sunny Side Up eggs, but the eggs did not turn out well that day. I still went ahead with it anyway, as I did not want to waste the eggs.

Quite an easy charaben, just added some nori on the Sunny Side Up to turn it into a bumble bee. I cooked pasta bolognese for my boys' lunch that day. I added in broccoli, golden kiwis and strawberries at the side.

I remembered delivering one box to IT, as it was Monday that day, and he had to stay back in School for his CCA.

I also packed the same food for myself that day and added some salad at the side. I've not been packing anymore bentos for myself recently, starting on a diet, hoping to lose some weight before our year end trip. :)
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  1. Love the bee eggs, they turned out very nice and yummy,your lunch looks so yummy too!!

  2. they look perfectly cute to me! :D

  3. The bee eggs are so cute!


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