Tuesday 20 August 2013

Lunch Punch Car Bento

The Lunch Punch kindly sent me two sets of their cutters. I chose the Vrrrmm set for my boys, and the Match & Munch set for a giveaway. The giveaway post will be up right after this post, and you can enter after midnight. :)

The Lunch Punch cutters are one of my favourite cutters, I use them very often to prepare my boys' early bento boxes for School, so I'm happy to receive another design to add to our collection. :)

There are four cutters in the box. These are all transport themes, I'm sure most boys will love these.

Sharing a snack box I packed using one of the cutter in the set.

IMG_8318br /> I added a bear made out of sausage in the car sandwich. :)

The cutter can cut and imprint on your sandwiches, so they look great, even without any additional decorations.

Where to get same or similar items as used on today's post:


  1. Love your bears, so cute! Can never find those tiny round sausages to make bears like this!

  2. Yes agree with Jean! Me too hard to find those tiny round sausages except taiwanese sausages :) Lovely bear Ming!


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