Wednesday 21 August 2013

Hello Kitty Bun & Toast

A couple of weeks back, IT bought a Hello Kitty donut from a bakery and showed it to me. He asked me whether I wanted to take a photo of it. He knows I love taking photos of cute food, lol. I kept the Hello Kitty bow on the donut and used it in the bento I'm sharing today.

The red bow in front is the one I kept. I should go and get another donut so I can get another bow. -_- These are steam buns which I filled with teriyaki chicken and lettuce.

These were done last Wednesday for my boys' lunch, quite a fast and easy way to decor your buns. :)

IT had no School last Thursday, so I made the breakfast above to share with him.

The pocket sandwich is filled with tuna and cheddar. I made the imprint with a Hello Kitty cookie cutter, and sealed the sandwich before toasting.

CSMHK1108 pdt
If you are staying in Singapore and love Hello Kitty, you will be happy to know that Cornell now has a new Hello Kitty sandwich maker, where you can make sandwiches with Hello Kitty mofits. It's available at all major electronics and departmental stores. The usual price is $49.90 but it's now retailing at a special price of $39.90.
Where to get same or similar items as used in today's post:


  1. Cute toast and so nice to be able to get so many cute stuff over there!:)

  2. The steamed bun sammies look so cute and tasty!

  3. So adorable! And wow I wish I had that sandwich maker! :D

  4. from breadtalk!!! IT dotes on you :)

    cute mantou!!

    1. Tk u, Shirley. Lol, yes, he does, enjoying it while it last, next time he will be doting on his wife/galfriend instead,

  5. Love your hello kitty buns! Thanks for sharing on the sandwich maker, will go see if they still have it.


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