Thursday 15 August 2013

Chick Yakisoba-Pan Bento

Have you tried Yakisoba-Pan before? It's basically a bun filled with Yakisoba. I always think it's quite a weird dish, I still do, but I can't deny it's a rather tasty combi though. To make one, just cook Yakisoba the usual way, and fill a hot dog bun or butter roll with it. Click HERE if you need a Yakisoba recipe.

I made hens and chicks to decorate my boys' Yakisoba-Pan. The hen are made from chicken egg. And the chicks are made from quail eggs soaked in water coloured with tumeric.

I made this lunch around two weeks ago. There's actually less eggs than it looks, the eggs have all been halved, lol.

I had some yakisoba left over after filling the buns, so I filled them into cups for my boys to eat together with their Yakisoba-Pan.
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