Wednesday 14 May 2014

Hen & Chick Bento

Sharing another bento I made for Mother's Day last week.

Hen and chick bento, inspired by a similar Japanese bento I saw on Pinterest. The bento I saw only had one chick, I made two instead, since I've two boys. :)

The hen was made from rice, corn (beak), nori, egg white, ham and bubu arare (cheeks). The chicks were coloured yellow using mashed egg yolk. I used heart shaped picks for their beaks. Other ingredients used on the cheeks were nori, egg sheet and ham.

Bento was eaten with curry pork cutlet, prawns and lettuce.

Mother's Day cards from my boys this year. IT wrote the sweetest message and drew my favourite tulips. Part of LT's card is covered, as per his request, lol. I told LT I wanted to take a photo of their cards and share on the site, but he had some spelling errors in his message, he wrote in pen and could not erase, he refused to let me share. He only agreed after I told him I'll cover up the message. The stalk of carnation on the left was brought back by LT after his taekwando class, such a nice gesture from the school to give them out. :)
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  1. So much personality in one little bento! Love the apron... - a clean eating bento blog. Japanese or Asian-inspired!

  2. Lovely bento and very sweet cards from your boys!

  3. Hi, I love your white with blue trim bento box. Can you please tell me where can I order it Thanks.

    1. I bought it in Japan. You can try searching for it on taobao, I've seen it there before.

  4. Thank you Ming! :-)
    The hen is so adorable, you are really talented!

  5. 这太 ..太可爱了!!好喜欢你的颜色搭配!

  6. Those cards from your boys are beautiful!:) Love the bento and the chicks are adorable!


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