Tuesday 20 May 2014

Rilakkuma Living Room Sandwich

The idea for the foodart I'm sharing today is from Bellchan Bento. I was in love with the Rilakkuma living room set she made out of sandwich, so I tried my hands at making a set too.

Here's my version of Rilakkuma living room. :) I wish my living room looks like this, lol. I made this for IT's lunch, since he eats at home after school, LT eats his lunch in my car before going to school.

The furnitures were all cut out from bread. Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori were made from mashed potato, which I coloured using dark soya sauce and gel colours respectively. I did not make the food, drink and blackboard, they came from my Re-ment set, was digging through my collection for something suitable and found these.

I prepared mayonnaise chicken, tomato minced beef, cheese, apple baked ham and lettuce for IT to eat with his bread.

Here's another closer look at the living room. :)
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  1. 啊!!(尖叫)太可爱了啦!

  2. This is awesome and so creative! Love all the details!

  3. I love how your use the rement figurines inside. And the sofa cushion super cute too!

  4. Wow! You are such an inspiration! Love the sofa!

  5. I will have problems in eating if this one in front of me!!! So cute....how to eat.... :)

  6. This living room set is a brilliant idea! Too cute.... Too many rilakkumas ^^ <3

  7. This is very creative, I love every detailing and furniture,sooooo cute!!:)


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