Thursday 8 May 2014

Sakura Panda Bento

A little late to be sharing sakura bento, since the season is already over. I actually still have more sakura desserts to share too, I've made quite a few desserts using them, don't want to waste those pretty sakura flowers I have, will blog about those next time.

Sakura onigiri in this bento is rice mixed with pink sushi mix and flaked salted salmon. I added on shiso leaves and pickled sakura on the onigiri.

Panda is made using quail eggs, nori and cheese.

Can you spot the other panda beind with its head buried?

I also made a cheeky panda playing on a sakura tree. The base is a french toast. The sakura tree is made using ham and bread crust.

I made this for myself, had the lunch with sakura jam and sakura tea. :)

Turned the box round, so you can have a better look at the panda. :)

The sakura tea was not nice, though very pretty. The sakura jam was good though, sweet with a hint of saltiness. :)
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  1. Love all your sakura theme creations. And that jam! that jam! oh my~~ I want to drink it! LOL

  2. 天呀!!这太漂亮了!!无论哪一款都超喜欢!

  3. Absolutely adorable! Your food looks amazing!


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