Saturday 3 May 2014

Donald & Stitch Star Wars Bento

Hello! I don't usually blog on weekends, but today is an exception. It's May the 4th today and it is Star Wars Day. In celebration of Star Wars Day, I'm joining a blog hop with my fellow Bento Bloggers and Friends, so remember to click on the link at the end of this post, to check out the amazing creations of my fellow bento friends. You can also click HERE if you would like to take a look at my previous creations.

I made 2 Star Wars bentos, they were both inspired by the mascots I saw at Tokyo Disneyland last year. I'll show you photos of those after I am done sharing my bento. First, I made Donald Duck who is pretending to be R2-D2.

Bento was packed with blanched broccoli, stir-fried mushrooms in teriyaki sauce and meat rolls.

Ingredients used to create this were rice (blue coloured using deco furi), egg, nori and capsicum.

The other character I made was Stitch, who's pretending to be Yoda.

The food for this bento is similar to the previous one, as they were both made on the same day.

Ingredients used for Stitch Yoda were rice coloured green using deco furi, cheese, nori and aburage.

And this is the inspiration for my bento today. The Star Wars ride just reopened at Tokyo Disneyland last year, so they came out with these cute mascots. The ride was fun, it's a simulator ride and my boys love it!

The plush versions are so cute. My favourite has to be Donald Duck and Stitch, which explains why I chose them for my bento. :)

Are you ready for more Star Wars bento? All you have to do is click on the image above, hop over to Bento Days and check out Jean's awesome Star Wars bento. May the Fourth be with you! :)
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  1. Awesome! Love your Stitch Yoda, details are amazing!

  2. squee they are so cute

  3. I love your creations! Your Donald is so cute!!

  4. Donald is my favorite Disney character, and Stitch is my daughter's...thus, you won on all counts over here. FREAKING AMAZING!!

  5. Oh that Stitch has me in stitches, i love it so!

  6. Ridiculously cute! Amazing as always :) Tokyo Disneyland seems so much better than the ones we have here!

  7. This is by far the best Star Wars bento I've seen today. Your bento are so whimsical. And what is this cheese nori?! I've never heard of it but it sounds cool! - a clean eating bento blog. Japanese or Asian-inspired!

  8. These are so creative. I LOVE the Stitch Yoda!

  9. Omg it looks amazing! May the force be with you! :-)

  10. That R2D2 is ridiculously good. Such a great job!

  11. oh gosh....super duper awesome!!!

  12. WOW! These are absolutely gorgeous! I love them both, but R2D2 is just too cute!

  13. Wow! Your creativity is great and to manage to fit it all into a lunchbox with lots of colour and thought, well done. Amazing!

  14. I love these, especially the R2-D2 - fantastic!


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