Monday 30 March 2015

Cat Pizza

I'm moving the part I wrote about our founding father to the previous post HERE instead, I think it's more appropriate for that part to be over there. I was not in the mood to update the blog last week, spent whatever free time I had following news and updates about our founding father, as well as catching old videos I missed out about him. Today is a new week and a new start. I'm finally updating my blog today with these cat pizzas I  made for my boys a few weeks ago.

Cat pizzas with different expressions, which one do you like?

The way to make these cat pizzas is similar to the bear pizzas I made 2 years ago. The bear pizzas is one of the most popular recipe on my blog, you can click HERE to take a look at that post if you have missed it. These cat pizzas were also made from bread, like the bear pizzas.

I've taken pictures to show you the steps in making these cat pizzas.

First, cut out your bread with a bear cutter if you have one. I recommend CuteZcute if you do not own one, it's a really versatile and useful cutter. You can check out all my creations using this cutter HERE. Or you can use a cat cutter too if you have one. Toast your bread on both sides at 1 minute each in an oven at 180 degrees celcius.

Trim off the bread using scissors or a knife to make pointy ears of the cat.

This time, I used bolognese chicken as the spread, I had made a large batch to be eaten with pasta and  kept some to use on the pizzas. You can also use tomato paste, pasta or pizza sauce if you prefer. Add on fillings you like and top with shredded mozzarella cheese. I added some shaved ham. Return to the oven and toast till cheese melts.

Using olives or nori, cut out the cat's features.

Poke in fried pasta sticks for the whiskers. Fried pasta sticks are uncooked pasta fried in oil. You can shallow fry them in a little oil till they turn brown and crispy.

Finally, dab on some ketchup and the cat pizza is done.

The pizzas can be kept overnight in the fridge, you just have to lightly toast them the following day before eating.
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  1. Yummy & cute! Thanks for sharing dear ^_^

  2. Thanks for sharing. I have a question: for the whiskers, did you deep fry the dry spaghetti or deep fry the cooked spaghetti? Thank you!

    1. It's the dry spaghetti, can shallow fry in a little oil too, till it's brown and crispy.

  3. So cute, thanks for sharing!

  4. Sooo cute!!I love this♡
    we brought our boy to the cc to pay tribute to Mr.lee and dun know why I really sad ..I really can't control my tears again on sun when 3of us stood infront TV when the siren sounded to mourn in silent...T_T

    1. Tk u, Wan Wan. It's been so sad indeed, I just took for granted he'll be there for this year's national day, hiaz. :(

  5. The pizzas are super cute and look so yummy, I am feeling hungry now, lol. I still remember your bear pizzas, was fantastic!!

  6. that pizza really looks cute and yummy ^^
    how many degree for the oven?


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