Tuesday 30 June 2015

Pikachu Pasta & Omurice

School started again yesterday. IT came back today and told me he will be going to watch the National Day rehearsal next week. So excited for him, it's going to be so fun. I've been balloting for tickets for the past few years but no luck so far. :( This year's parade is going to be awesome since it's our Golden Jubilee, and I'm sure the goodie bag will extra special too. Argh, I want to go too. -_-

It's been a long time since I last made Pikachu. You can click here to see my previous Pikachu bentos.

This time, I made Pikachu out of a meat patty, covered with cheese. I used yellow bell pepper for the ears and arms. The other details were done using nori, ham and mayonnaise.

I arranged the pasta sauce on top and the pasta on the bottom to make it look like a Pokeball.

And here's another Pikachu food art. I've not been making charabens lately, as it's much faster to just display the food on plates instead.

This is Omurice, omelette wrapped around chicken ketchup fried rice, an easy one dish meal for lunch.

I've not made any other Pokemon characters because Pikachu is actually the only Pokemon character I know. I've seen photos of a few others but I've no idea of what they are called, lol. -_-


  1. Awww this is super cute!!love the cheese turned out sooo smooth and nice!
    ya,we also hv no luck to get the tickets...好失望T_T

  2. Love how you can madee the Pikachu inside the Pokeball using spaghetti and the sauce. :)

  3. Super cute Pikachu!!! We were looking for Pikachu Halloween costume last year for Nikolai but no luck and I'll have to show him this later.

  4. Love them both! Very nicely made!


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