Wednesday 1 February 2012

Birthday Bento

It's my first born's birthday today. :))

That's him as a baby 8 years ago. And that is also how long I've been a SAHM. :)

We had a simple BBQ to celebrate his birthday in advance last Saturday.

My sis's schnauzer, who looks more like a poodle. lol. :P

The birthday cake, which turned out totally different from what I planned. :( The waffles sticks and sugar balls were all last minute add-ons I found in the house to cover up the problem areas. :P But good thing was the celebration was just among our extended family. And the kids have rather low expectation, IT still went 'wow, so nice!' when he saw the cake, lol. :P

I baked these for IT's classmates, he brought the cookies to School today. The icing image for the cake and cookies was chosen by him. :) He googled for the image himself. He even told me the flavour and fillings he wanted for his birthday cake.

And this is the bento I promised him I'll make. He loved the birthday bento I made for LT last year, and requested for a special one on his birthday. :) In the box are onigiri, cookies, chicken karaage (his favourite), cheese and spinach tamago.

LT's bento, same food as above, except he gets strawberries and blueberries in place of cookies. I decided to make his box without the 'birthday cake' (cookie) since it's not his birthday. :) Tamago was badly done today.

IT's bento for School, in the box are fish floss bread ball, cookies, chicken karaage and blueberries.

I love transparent box covers, it's nice to be able to see the contents inside. :)

Before IT dug into his bento today, he gave me a hug and said thank you. :) Awwwww, makes my effort all worth it. :)

Finishing off this post with my lunch, chicken karaage and curly crisps with mentaiko dressing. :)


  1. Happy Birthday to IT! yea.. its all worth it when your kids appreciates you.. :)

  2. Hope he has a Happy Birthday! Cute Bento I am sure it will make him smile. Did you purchase the image for cookies, you said he found image online, just wondering.

    1. Tks, Julie. Yes, he was happy. :) He searched for the image online n I just email to this lady who prints icing sheet to print out. :)

  3. Very cute! Happy Birthday!! I love those containers with the see-thru lids too. Here in the US lots of people like to use bigger containers w/ dividers, but I find this smaller ones much easier to work with. My daughter would waste a lot of food with the bigger containers.

    1. Tks, Diana. Yah, I also prefer smaller ones, coz it's easier to fill it up tight. :)

  4. Happy Birthday!! Love the bentos:) as well as the satay :)

    1. Tks, Rina. :) Ah, u like satay too.... A lot of awesome ones here, tender inside n slightly burnt on the outside. :)

  5. Happy blessed birthday to IT! Now I know that boys can be so sweet as well. I am sure your heart melts when he gave you a hug and said thank you. How sweet it is, I can imagine! :)

    1. Tks Yenn. My boys hv always been sweet but only to me, haha. Trying to treasure while it last. :)

  6. Oh I love your idea for the birthday cake!! The waffles, are a graet idea. It doesn't even look like an after thought. I may use this idea in the future. When I bake and frost cakes I always have trouble with the sides. The waffles would cover it up, and add to the decoration. <3

    My schnauzer, Krystal is white and she looks like a Westie.^^

    1. Tks, Cat. I was prepared to go out n buy some lady fingers to cover up, but managed to find a bottle of waffles at hm. Hehe, my frosting is terrible, this time its worse coz my paper liners got caught in the batter and the cake broke after baking. My sis does not want to grow her 'beard', so pp always mistake her for a poodle. Lol. :)


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