Wednesday 22 February 2012

Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori Bento

I thought I have to share this. I want to say a big thank you to Berry girl, who did up a tribute post for the giveaway. She is so kind, sweet and generous with her comments. She makes me sound much better than I am, lol. And she is one great bento artist, with lots of awesome ideas. :) And love the bear that she did up in the tribute post, I think she did a more fantastic job than me. :)

I made Rilakkuma and Kiitoitori today. This is IT's box, in the bento are rice, five spice meat balls, egg, sausage and strawberries.

LT's box, same food as above.

IT's box for recess, in the bento are butter/sugar bread, cheese, meat balls and strawberries. Rilakkuma is made out of bread crust. And I just realised I've so many cutters but I do not have bigger bear cutters, I ending up sketching and cutting out the bear shape. Hmmmm, excuse to go shopping, lol. :)

LT's box for School. I'm taking a break from his School's box for the next two days.

lol, the lunch bentos look smaller than their snack bentos today. It's misleading because the lunch bento was pack rather compactly, so it's actually much more food than the snack bento.

Multi-grained rice, eggs, asparagus/corn/bacon stir fry and five spice meatballs for me.


  1. Ha Ming! I really meant every word! The Rilakkuma and Kiitoitori are favorites of mine so I love these bentos!

    1. Tks so much, you are so sweet! :) Me too, loves Rilakkuma! :)

  2. Tks, Jenn. My Betty crocker markers are finally here, but yet to figure out what to draw. :)

  3. love it ming, both rilakkuma and kiirotori is so cute..


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