Monday 6 February 2012

Dragon Bento

It's the last day of Chinese New year today, so I decided to give another try at making a dragon bento. lol, but somehow they reminded me of babirusa when I'm done making them. Sob. :( Oh well, I probably will not be making any more dragon bentos. I just can't seem to make one that I'm happy with.

LT's bento, in the box are onigiri, meat patties and strawberries.

IT's bento, same food as above.

IT's recess bento, in the box are fish floss bread ball, grapes and meat patty. I finally bought a pack of spinach bread to try, it has a darker shade of green as compared to pandan bread. I'm not sure about the taste though, I need to get feedback from IT when he's home.

The 3 boxes for today. Monday blues and I'm feeling out of sorts today, hopefully I'll be fine tomorrow.


  1. The whole lunch is cute and looks yummy to me and I am sure your boy's will love them:) Hope you will feel better soon!

  2. Tks, Rina, yeah, the boys din mind them. But I was already feeling moody, so was upset at the way the dragons turned out. :( Tks, feeling a lot better today. :))


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