Wednesday 29 February 2012

Transformer and Baby Milo Bento

The boys are generally quite easy-going with the bentos, they will not complain even if I give them girly and cutie stuff. But when I do characters they like, they will be very happy and excited. So after all the recent cutie bentos, I decided to do one of their favourite characters, Optimus Prime. I added baby milo to the bento as well, got the pick for a while but have yet to use it. The idea to combine the two came from their tee, which had both characters together. :)

I also tried out my new betty crocker markers. They were quite different from the usual hard tip food markers, they were soft tip and worked like paint brushes. The colours show up very well on the cheese, but I did a terrible job with the painting. I don't do justice to these pens, do check out Bento for Kidlet's tutorial on how to paint with them. Jenn does really awesome cheese paintings, mine's so messy n uneven. :(

Bento for IT, in the box are multi-grained rice, cheese, Parmesan crusted chicken, broccoli, strawberries and blueberries.

This one is for LT, same food as above. Argh, did a terrible job with the painting. :( The boys thinks otherwise though, they said it's very nice. lol.

Bento for LT to bring for School, in the box are strawberry sandwich, Parmesan crusted chicken and grapes.

Bento for IT's recess, same food as above, except he gets nutella sandwich. I cheated with the two nori logos, instead of cutting holes in the nori, I cut out cheese and stacked on top, because it's easier. :P

I'm not sure whether I got the layering for Optimus Prime correctly, I was copying from a 2D picture, should have dug out their toy to check.

Pesto pasta, sirloin steak and broccoli/carrots for for me. This is the first time I cooked a steak at home. I love steaks but my hubby does not eat at all, so I've never thought of cooking one. But last week, I came across a recipe while net surfing and it looked easy, so I decided to give it a try. :)

My Giveaway will be closing on Friday, good luck to those who have joined, winner will be picked randomly. :)


  1. Whoa! I think these are awesome! Tons of excellent creativity here...I'm sending you glasses! LOL Amazing!

  2. I love transformers and purchase several sets but N is not into it, maybe someday soon he will. Super cute bentos as always :)

    1. Tks 4 ur sweet comment, Rina. :) what does he likes? Hope he'll change his mind n play with those cool toys u got him. :)


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