Friday 3 February 2012

Totoro Bento

I love totoro, I think it's my favourite cartoon out of the many by Miyazaki. :) I own a few cartoons by Miyazaki, bought them before IT was even born. :) The boys watched the cartoon a couple of times, my disk was in cantonese, so they did not really understand, but they still enjoyed the cartoon nonetheless.

I prepared the buns yesterday, cut them and kept them in the bento box. This morning, I added in the fillings, and Totoro's features. I've included some steps I took yesterday, hope you will find it useful. :)

I'm using a long bun, but you can just get a small butter roll.

Cut it into half.

Snip off a 'V' on top for Totoro's ears with a pair of scissor.

Using a knife, cut out the bread crust. Don't throw it away, coz you will need it in the next step.

Cut out 5 inverted 'V' from the bread crust, these will be used on Totoro's tummy.

And finally, add in cheese and nori for the eyes, nose and mouth. The whiskers are fried angel hair pasta. This box is for LT, he had ham/cheese buns and chicken yakitori.

This box in for IT, he had the same food as LT.

This is IT's box for recess, he had ham/cheese bun, chicken yakitori and grapes.

This is LT's box for School, he had the same food as IT. This little fella has been bugging me for a box for School every day. -_-

I think they look rather like owls too. lol. :)

Shaved ham buns and yakitori for me, love eating them with the curly crisps. This was not exactly lunch for me, more like breakfast and teabreak. I took half for breakfast and am eating the other half now. I took my lunch outside today.

It's Friday again, will be taking a break and will be back again next Monday. Happy weekends to everyone. :)

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  1. This is super adorable and cute ladybug on it :) Love it!

    1. Tks, Rina. :) I just got those new picks n could not wait to use them. :)

  2. LOVE these! One of my (and my boys) favorite films ever.


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