Friday 28 September 2012

Mid-Autumn Bento

Mid-Autumn festival falls on this Sunday. I've made the bentos in advance today, since I do not make bentos or cook over the weekends. :)

Sorry, I'm too excited, so I just have to share some new sponsored tools before I go on to the bentos. I will try them out in the following weeks. :)

CuteZCute sponsored this super cute food deco cutter kit! :)

And 2 sets of punchers sponsored by Lunch Punch. Love the designs. :)

For the lunch bentos, I made little boys holding on to bunny lanterns, if you can't tell what it is, lol. :) The boys are made from brown rice. And the bunny is made from quail eggs and ham.

The boys also had panko chicken, broccoli (hidden under the bunny) and strawberries for lunch. :)

For School, it's little girls carrying bunny lanterns instead. :)

The boys had jam sandwiches, panko chicken and grapes for snack.

My dinner yesterday, korean seafood pancakes, cheese meatballs and greens. I've been making meatballs almost every week, a great way to clear my cheese cut outs. They also freeze very well and are great as bento stash.

Packed a lunchbox for myself using whatever's left after packing the boys' bentos. :)

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  1. Zong Qiu Jie Kuai Le, Ming! =)

    Another nice bento! I'm looking forward your bento using lunch punch and cuteZcute! =)

    1. Tk u, Yenn. Hope u enjoyed ur mid autumn. :)

  2. The deco cutter seems interesting, I'll be waiting for your review and ideas. I'm in love with te match and munch cutter, I use it for sandwiches and also for cutting cookies. Very funny.

    Bunny lanterns are so cute! I like both bentos but the school ones... lovely girls!

    1. Tk u, Mayumi! :) I love the cutters. :) Great idea for the cookie, must try out when I've time to bake. :)

  3. Happy Autumn Ming, the most wonderful time of the year!! (At least I think so!) I am waiting to see the marvelous things you do with your new bento tools! I would love to see a bento box and accessories storage post ...only if you ever feel like doing one...(I bet it would be awesome, so I'm taking a chance to ask!^-^) The boys lunches and snacks are cute and full of delight as ever and how you make your boys scraps look like an elegant meal for yourself, I'll never know..but I love them!

    1. Tk u Keisha, lol, but there's no Autumn here. The festival came from China where there is autumn though. :) Yes, I plan to do a post on lunch boxes, n another one on cutters/ rice moulds, but I dun know whether I'll hv time, will try during the holidays. :)

  4. Happy mid autumn festival Ming!! What shape of lanterns did you get for your boys? I love the bento with the cute lanterns, the bunnies are adorable :)

    1. Tk u, Rina. :)) They had the really traditional paper lanterns this year, no animal/ characters kind, lol.


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