Thursday 13 September 2012

Panda Rabbit Bento

Panda Rabbit is a character created by Randy. You can go to The Panda Rabbit to watch the short animation film. :) Randy asked whether I could make a Panda Rabbit bento a couple of days back. :) I'm more than happy to try. :) I visited the site, watched the film with the boys, they thought the Panda Rabbit looks very cute and funny, lol. :)

Panda Rabbit made out of rice, nori, bread and crabstick. :)

They also had fried prawns, broccoli and strawberries.

Panda Rabbit is made from cheese, nori, bread and crabstick.

For snacks in School, they had jam sandwiches, fried prawn and grapes.

Dinner last night, kayaku gohan and gyoza. Cooking kayaku gohan for the first time, I think I added too much liquid, but love the fuss free cooking, reminds me of our claypot rice.

Kept some kayaku gohan from last night and had it with ebi, tomatoes. The sunny side-up in a capsicum idea came from a picture a friend shared on my facebook page. :)

Stuff used in today's bentos:


  1. Congrate that you had upgrade from blogspot to .com ^-^ cute this panda rabbit, great job Li Ming! Somemore, Randy ask you to make this for panda rabbit...It means your finishing work so so recognise and you are getting famous & popular dear. ;p

    1. Tk u, Sannee. Aiyoh, no lah, not famous. :)

  2. Hello. I've been following your blog for long time, but I think it's the first time I write you.

    I didn't know this character and I've just fallen in love with it, it's so cute! You've made a wonderful job, I really like the rice ones.

    1. Tk u very much for following n commenting. :))

  3. Love the Panda Rabbit! So so cute! :D And the idea with the egg is so perfect. I will try it, too. Thanks for sharing!


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