Thursday 27 September 2012

Rilakkuma Bento

Do you like Rilakkuma? I do! It's one of my favourite character, and I like making him for bentos, not too difficult to do and always cute. :)

Bento Berries kindly sponsored a pack of Rilakkuma picks for my usage. Please check out Bento Berries for other nice bento boxes and accessories. :)

This is the pack of picks I received from Bento Berries. I'm sure no Rilakkuma fan can resist this, lol. Cuteness overload! :)

There are 8 picks in a pack.

I copied this from a Rilakkuma graphic I found online yesterday. :) Rilakkuma is white short grained rice mixed with a bit of dark soya sauce. Korilakkuma is made from the white portion of kamaboko and Kiiroitori is made from quail egg.

For lunch, the boys also had teriyaki chicken, broccoli, grapes and strawberries. The four leaf clover pick Rilakkuma is holding is part of the honey and flower picks set, available at Bento Berries too.

Rilakkuma sandwiches, teriyaki chicken and grapes for the boys' snacktime in School.

Rilakkuma sandwich is done with the Panda sandwich mould, available at Bento Berries too. :)

My dinner, pineapple fried rice and thai grilled chicken. :)

Items seen in today's bentos:


  1. I love it, too! I made a Rilakkuma bento awhile back and it was one of my all time favorites! You did a great job on these.

    1. Tk u very much, Rebecca. :) My all time favorite too! :)

  2. So cute! Now i want those picks too. What is inside those rilakkuma sandwiches? :)


    1. Tk u! One's jam and the other is Nutella, they hv different requests. :)

    2. Aww i emailed bentoberries about the rilakkuma picks but did not hear back :-\

      My son's in a nut-free room, his classroom has kids with severe peanut allergy so we can't bring anything with treenuts. Besides jam, i'm wondering what else to put in the sandwiches. Maybe kaya+butter, but it's hard to find kaya in the US.

    3. Sorry, I missed ur comment coz it went into spam. Did bentoberries contact u? If not, u can leave ur email and I will get them to contact you. How about butter with sugar? A variation will be butter with sugar n cinnamon. :)

  3. Very funny, with little korilakkuma hiding behind Rilakkuma.

    I have the same picks, by the way ;p

    1. Lol, Tk u, I'm just copying the picture I saw. Hee, love the picks! :)

  4. Dear Pearly,

    I am so sorry that just the alert that your email are go to my spam mail! I will reply ur postage & price by email, really apologize about that :)


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