Wednesday 26 September 2012

FunBites Ice Cream Bento

I did a review on the FunBites Cube It before, please check out the review HERE if you missed it. :) FunBites sent over their other cutter, Luv It for me to try out. :)

Here's the Luv It cutter, works the same way as the Cube It, so I won't be reviewing it again, I'll share the lunch and snack I made using this. :) It was really fast and easy to make today's bentos, with the help of the Luv It.

Ice cream buddies, for the boys' lunch. I used the Luv It to cut out the cheese. :)

For lunch, the boys also had multi-grained rice, broccoli, tonkatsu and strawberries. :)

Jam sandwiches, cut using Luv It. I added cupcake sprinkles for the small hearts.

The boys also had tonkatsu and grapes for snack.

My dinner last evening, fish soup, tonkatsu and salad.

Tonkatsu for lunch today. Tried a new way to cook it, instead of pounding pork loin like I usually do, I stacked 4 to 5 layers of shabu shabu pork collar instead. The verdict? I can't decide which version I prefer, lol.

FunBites accidentally sent me a Cube It, since I already have one, I'm giving this one away. However, please note that it does not comes with packaging. I will mail it out to the first person who comment on this post with their email. Please note that I will only be sending to a Singapore address, due to shipping cost. My apologies to my overseas readers, I will try to make it international whenever I can. :)

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  1. Oh wow..i hope im the first one to comment! lol.. can you please ship to my sister's address in SG if i win this? Thanks, Ming!

  2. Oppss..i forgot to put my =)

  3. Haha Super cute ice cream idea!Everything is so lovely Ming! Your dinner looks really lovely and's already cold here in Finland! Perfect for a nice soup now!

    1. Tk u, Keisha! It's so hot here though, I need cooler weather.

  4. i love love LOVE your blog! You are so talented! Are you located in Sg or US?

    Do you normally pack the kids' lunches in the morning? i'm a working mom so i find it hard to do that when i'm rushing to get everyone out the door. :( Does the food stay warm until their lunch time?



    1. Tk u! I'm in Sg. I pack their lunch n snacks in the morning, they are in the afternoon session, so Ive plenty of time to get the food ready. I sometimes do part of the decor the night before, but food is cooked in the morning. You might want to try packing the night before n leave in fridge, I know a few working mums do that. :)

    2. Sorry, left out ur last qns. Their food is eaten cold, not warm.

  5. Can't resist the word ice-cream and yours looks so cute! I can have ice cream everyday but have to watch for the waist line,hehehe.

    1. Lol, I'm not that big a fan of ice cream, though I do eat it sometimes. But I've love lots of other fd that are not too gd for my waistline. Sign. :(

  6. Love the ice creams ^^ It's always very useful to see different ideas for using cutters and other bento tools. Thanks for the tip.


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