Monday, 22 October 2012

Frog and Fly Bento

Yikes, it's exam week for IT. Can't wait for it to be over, so we can relax and plan for our holidays. :)

The frogs bentos for today was inspired by Ipacklunch's frog bento. :) Hop over to her blog and check out her original version. :)

Frog and fly bentos, the green colour on the frog turned out a little too light. :(

Lunchboxes are packed with rice, meat patties, broccoli and strawberries.

Frog from pandan bread and cut using CutezCute. The tongue is cut using the same frog cutter, I used the mouth portion to cut it out.

The snack box contains jam sandwich, meat patty and strawberries.

The extra food in a box for myself. :P I'm out of greens though, my fridge was almost empty!
Where to get same or similar items seen in today's post:


  1. LOL. The fly from the frog is so cute!

    And i noticed your My Melody lunch box! It is cute! Where do you get it? Do you need lunch belt to secure it tightly?

    1. Tks, Yenn. :) It's fr Sanrio. Old design though, I got it last yr. No need, it clips to close.

  2. Ha ha! What a cute fly! ^^ And what a great idea!

  3. Frogs are always cute and funny but this one with the fly is great ^^

  4. O...frog and fly are just adorable! U had turn this both creatures live!

  5. Oh my!!! I've done 2 frog bentos, but never thought to add a fly! This is JUST ADORABLE!!!

  6. Hello Ming ! :) It's been a long time ! I love the idea of the little frog eating a bug :D And I think the sandwich version looks very good too !


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