Tuesday, 20 November 2012

CuteZcute Piggy and Panda

I wanted to do some Christmas bentos but I've been lazy and yet to make any. Instead, I did some fast snack and lunch for the boys these 2 days using the CuteZcute cutter. I wanted to decorate something fast and the cutter came in handy. :)

Piggy ham and cheese sandwiches for the boys, they shared the food. This was for their snack yesterday.

Idea modified from piggies I saw on CuteZcute's page. :)

Their lunch today, pizza bread and baked pasta. :)

Quick decoration and lunch is served. :)
Where to get CuteZcute cutter:


  1. I have not been doing bento lately because was too tired to wake up in the early morning (i worked late almost everyday and reached home late). And i like this, Ming, easy and fast! And agreed, the cutezcute is really comes in handy! I love it too! Thanks for the idea Ming! :)

    1. Take care, understand, not easy to wk n still wake up early for bentos. My boys are in morning session next yr, I intend to pack them undecorated box for Sch, n make charabens for lunch/dinner instead.

  2. You are inspiring me to play around more with the cutezcute:) Yummy and cute lunch!! <3


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