Friday 29 March 2013

Easter Bunny & Sakura Bento

My last Easter bento for this year, made them yesterday for my boys' lunch. :) I wanted to make a pair of Holland lop eared bunnies because I love them very much. However, it did not turned out well, so I scrapped the idea. :P

I ended up adjusting one ear up, since it looked more like a dog than a lop eared bunny with both ears down. The bunny is made from short grained brown rice and nori. The nests are rice rolled in bonito flakes.

The sides are teriyaki beef, broccoli, grapes and strawberries.

It's the sakura season in Japan right now, blomming much earlier this year. I've been seeing lots of beautiful sakura photos, so I made a sakura bento for myself. :) The flowers are cut out from kamaboko, I tinted some of them a lighter pink using natural food colouring.

I made Korean Army stew (Bugae Chiigae) for dinner on Wednesday night, and kept some of the stock to cook Dangmyeon soup the next day. I've been watching lots of Korean drama lately, so I've been craving for anything Korean, lol.

Have a blessed Good Friday!

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  1. Love the sakura bento. So beautiful!

    Yes the sakura in Tokyo now is beautiful!! The ohanami bentos there are amazing too. 

    1. Tk u, envy, doubt I will hv the chance to visit Japan at this time of the yr for many yrs. Hiaz. :(

  2. 你的樱花便当好漂亮~


    1. 谢谢你,哈哈,都是韩剧惹得祸!

  3. Love how you coloured the kamaboko flowers several shades! Lovely!


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