Monday 4 March 2013

Toy Story Woody Bento

The Woody bento in this post is inspired by Toy Story Mania ride in Tokyo DisneySea. This is a newly opened ride and my boys rate this the best ride in all the theme parks they have been too, lol. It was indeed pretty fun, as we compete against one another in the game to see who ends up with the highest score.

Woody bento inspired by the ride at DisneySea. Not too happy with how it turned out though, I should not have used multi-grained rice here, not much contrast between Woody and the background. -_- Woody is made from ham and bread, no nori used this time. There's grilled wings, broccoli and strawberries at the side.

Picks are from DisneySea, I guess they are quite meaningless unless you have gone on the ride. The boys were all excited over the picks and Woody, as they talked about the ride while eating their bentos.

I packed the same grilled wings for myself, with sweet peas, salmon and radish.

This is the inspiration for today's bentos. The queue at the ride is crazy, and fast pass was all gone in the morning when we reached. And yes, we did join the crazy queue. -_-  Daddy also went back on the last day before the park opened just to grab the fast pass, so we can go on it again.

Lunch at DisneySea, found a restaurant selling Chinese food, not exactly authentic but was yummy.

Love this Japanese restaurant in DisneySea, it serves nice Japanese food just like the one at Disneyland and we will always visit it. I had Chirashi, my boys shared the pork cutlet and salmon set, while Daddy took the chicken set.

And they have these super cute and yummy aliens mochi ice cream! Too kawaii! Awwwww, I miss Japan, and DisneySea always has a special place in my heart, because it was just opened during my very first trip to Japan. :)
Where to get same or similar items used in today's bentos:


  1. Cute Woody! Thanks for sharing all this wonderful trip in Japan.

  2. I love Woody and it is so cute, like the adorable picks too:) Wow, they are so talented with their ice cream, too cute to eat.

    1. Tk u, Rina! Japanese are so amazing when it comes to making things cute!

  3. So cute! You did a great job replicating it.

  4. wow~ nice woody bento! would like to try making characters from my fav movie toy story too!

    what co-incidence. we were there when disneysea tokyo first launch. think it was 31/12/2001, if i remember correctly. :)

    1. Tk u very much! We were there in dec2001 too, took a package tour to Japan then! Can't remember exact date though, need to check my photo album, those were the days when my camera was still on film n I will print out all my photos to do up an album for my holiday, lol.

  5. Woody is great! And even with the multi grained rice you can see him perfectly so don't worry about this.

    Alien mochi are so cute! I wish I can find some cute food near where I live

    1. Tk u very much, Mayumi! Not much cute food over here either. :(


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