Friday 1 March 2013

Soboro Girl Bento

There's a bento before this that I wanted to share, but that one has more photos to edit and I'm feeling a little lazy, so update that next Monday instead. :P

Soboro girls bentos I made on Wednesday. These are easy to make. Bentos are packed with rice, minced pork soboro, eggs, broccoli and strawberries. :)

I used a reflector on this photo, turned out much better than the previous picture. Lol, I actually have the reflector all along but just never used it. Lol, hopefully I remember to use it from now on.

This photo was taken under artificial lighting, used a table lamp and a reflector. It turned out much better than any of my previous attempts at taking photos under artificial lighting. :)

Cooked some red wine mee sua for my lunch that day, don't get put off my the redness, it's actually very yummy, it's cooked using ginger, wine, soya sauce and sesame oil.

That's all, happy weekend! :)
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  1. I love soboro, they are like the most delicious thing! :D smiles! this is is not only delicious but really cute too!

    1. Tk u very much, you are always so sweet! :)

  2. The bentos are so cute! The red wine mee sua looks v similar to what my granny used to cook, do share the recipe some day :)

    1. Tk u, will try too take note, I usually cook this by tasting n adjusting the soya sauce and sugar, lol.


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