Thursday 28 March 2013

Kiiroitori & Chick Egg on Pasta

It's Easter holiday tomorrow and there's no School, yay! I still have 2 more Easter bentos to share, one today and another one tomorrow. :)

Chicken and Kiiroitori in bunny suit are both made from egg. :) The food for lunch are ebikko pasta, chicken wrapped in beancurd skin, broccoli and strawberries. :)

To make Kiiroitori in bunny suit, I cut out the egg white using an oval cutter, scoop out the egg yolk, mixed with mayo and stuffed back into the egg again. :)

I packed ebikko pasta and chicken wrapped in beancurd skin for myself, and added in a salad. This bento box from BentoUSA is so kawaii. It's designed for packing cold ramen and soba, it comes with a removable container with sealed lid and a sauce container. The main compartment also comes with a removable drainer at the base.

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Where to get same or similar items used in today's bentos:


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