Wednesday 27 March 2013

Kiiroitori Sushi Bento

My initial plan was to make both Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori sushi. But I changed my mind in the morning since it's much easier to just make Kiiroitori alone. Guess I will leave Rilakkuma sushi till next week instead. :)

Kiiroitori sushi for my boys today. Yellow portion is obtained by mixing rice with mashed egg yolk.

The sides for the bentos are oyster sauce chicken, broccoli and strawberries.

I have the same oyster sauce chicken in my bento, added peas, edamame, radish and tomatoes.
Where to get same or similar items used in today's post:


  1. oh what a lovely wood-bentobox! <3 And nice filling, too! :D

  2. This is so cute! always so talented ;)

  3. I enjoy your blog tremendously and have been copying your ideas shamelessly. :) your tutorials are fantastic too, though I hope there can be more posts there, so that I can learn from you and 'steal' your skills. Haha....
    Anyway, great job! It's cos of your blog that I didn't give up bento-ing (which I had wanted to earlier this year). Thank you!

    1. Awwwww, Tk you so much for letting me know. :) Hee, I wished I can do more tutorials too but time is always a constraint, will try to do whenever I can find time. :)

  4. Love the cute cute Kiiroitori!


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