Tuesday 5 March 2013

Sausage Rilakkuma Pasta Bento

IT had to stay back in School last Friday for a CCA trial, so LT and I brought his lunch over to him after he was dismissed from School. I also brought along LT and my lunch and we ate together in IT's School canteen. :)

I cooked minced beef bolognese pasta for their lunch, and added some blanched broccoli florets on top. Decorated the bento with a sausage rilakkuma and an egg Kiiroitori.

Hee, does Rilakkuma looks like he's having a good time playing on the grass?

Stir fried some macaroni with garlic and salt for my bento, teriyaki beef rolls were from dinner the night before, I kept some for my bentos.
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  1. yup....Rilakkuma looked enjoying the fun!! Nice!

    I haven't try out using sausage to made Rilakkuma. Hmm...will try out one day!

  2. This is way TOO ADORABLE!! I love the sausages and the eggs, you are so talented with tiny details <3

  3. I love this! So cute!


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