Friday 17 May 2013

Bear Signboard Bento

Bento Berries has kindly sponsored a set of bento cutter, and I am sharing the creations I've done using the cutters in this post. Please hop over to their site to check out other cute bento stuff they carry.

Here's the cutter I received.

One pack contains 8 different designs. It also comes with a box to keep the cutters.

I used the bear cutter in the set to cut out cheese and added on details with nori and ham. I made these on Tuesday, added the words 'ganbatte' to encourage IT for his exams this week. He still has one more paper next Monday, so we will be busy revising this weekend. -_-

Pasta was done aglio olio style with lots of garlic. There was also chicken patties, grapes and strawberries in the bento.

I used the same cutter for their snack boxes. This time I made a welcome signboard instead.

I've another set of creations using this cutters, will share them next Monday. :)
Where to get same or similar items seen in today's post:


  1. Love the signboards, so cute! Jia You to IT!

  2. Super adorable bears with the signboard! :) Love the neat cutters too.

  3. Oh I love them so much!! This is such a brilliant use of the cutters!

  4. Pretty sure IT will eat it with filled with lots of +ve energy! Gambateh!


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