Thursday 9 May 2013

Match & Munch Lunch Punch

The Lunch Punch sent me a set of Match & Munch cutters last year. The reason I'm blogging about them so late is not because I've yet to use them. On the contrary, I use them very often to pack my boys' bentos for School in the early mornings. However, I do not take photos or blog about those and that's why I've not shared about these awesome cutters.

There are four puzzle cutters in the box. My boys love their puzzle sandwiches cut out from these. These cutters are really easy to use, when you want to add some fun in a meal. The cutters are a great help to me in the morning, and you can easily come up with more variations just by combining with other cutters or/and stamps. I'm sharing some of these ideas. What I'm sharing below are all done by my boys. I only gave them verbal instructions on what to do.

Here's a Panda puzzle sandwich. CuteZcute is used to cut and stamp the Panda.

Play with your food before you eat. :)

You can also make a heart puzzle sandwich.

Or cut out shapes and alphabets on your puzzle sandwich.

Lastly, You can try using some stamps on your puzzle sandwiches. My boys had fun making, playng and eating these sandwiches. In case you are wondering, my boys did not do all these in one day. The sandwiches were done on different days for their afternoon snacks. :)
Bunting - Dots and Stripes - Rainbow - 1
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