Tuesday 12 November 2013

Mount Takao Bento

It's the last day of school for IT already, it's prize giving day today. He has done very well in Mathematics and Science once again. He has shown improvements in Chinese, but his English results was not good this round. English was my worst subject at school too. -_- However, he did well overall, and managed to top his class. :) I can finally relax now and look forward to our vacation in December. :)

A couple of weeks back, I was sorting out photos from our last vacation to be made into a photobook, I came across photos of our trip to Mount Takao. That inspired me to make a bento related to the trip.

We had a great time hiking at Aowanda in Taiwan, during our trip in 2011. So while planning for our Tokyo trip last year, Hubby asked me to slot in a day at a nature reserve. We decided on Mount Takao, for its convenience, it's not too far from our hotel and right smack in front of the train station. Convenience has always been an important consideration, since we started traveling with kids. Those who have experienced it will know how tiring it is. The last thing we wanted to do is to walk a long distance, after taking a few hours on the train, just to reach the destination. This year, however, since my boys are older, we are going to try going on Shinkasen, with our luggage in tow for a short ski trip. It's their first Shinkansen and skiing trip and they are very excited. Keeping my fingers crossed it turns out well.

I made a mashed potato bear with dango for this Mount Takao bento. The tram was made from egg sheet and nori. The words were a rather sloppy job, as I thought the words seemed rather simple, and just proceeded to cut out nori in parts freehand.

I've some photos of Mount Takao to share, could not find photos of the beautiful autumn foliage to share as all the photos of that had us in them. My photos don't do justice to the place. If you are interested, I'm sure you can easily google for lots of better photos of Mount Takao .

There were lots of temples, a monkey park and quite a few eateries along the way. My boys had a lot of fun en route to the submit, as there was lots of sights to see. I do not know the name of the snack on the top left picture, but the texture was similar to dango, except it tasted salty instead.

We had a bowl of ramen each with chicken karaage that day. They had an outdoor seating area as well, directly overlooking the beautiful flora and fauna.

Upon reaching the top, we saw lots of people ordering soba, and it looked so delicious. We were already very full, but we could not resist ordering a bowl to share. Yums, it was really good, I feel so hungry typing out this post, lol. :)
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  1. Yay for school holidays and well done IT!:) Lovely bento and it's making me hungry right now!

  2. What a wonderful way to remember beautiful memories of your trip! I hope that you have a wonderful vacation this year.

  3. This such an amazing bento. I love how you made the train moving away!!

    Shinkansen is super convenient and comfortable. They even have chargers on board, table for you to put your things, hook to hang your stuf (window seat). Just book the tickets in advance when you arrive so you can reserved seats, dont be late cos everything in Japan runs on clockwork! :)

    1. Tk u, Shirley. Hubby n I hv been on Shinkansen years back, from tokyo to Kyoto n then Osaka, but not the boys. Look forward to taking it again.

  4. This bento is beautiful! Congrats to IT!


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