Wednesday 27 November 2013

Santa & Snowman Christmas Sushi

Christmas is around a month away, have you started making any Christmas themed food yet? I started on Christmas themed food just before the school holidays started, as I will be away for the first two weeks of December. I still have so many more ideas I want to try but I'm running out of time. I hope I have time to make them after I return from my trip.  If you need more ideas, you can click HERE to check out all my past Christmas foodart. :)

I got this santa sushi idea from a decor sushi book. Snowman sushi idea was from a Japan site. There was no instructions for the snowman sushi but it did not look too difficult, so I went ahead to try. It's not perfect but I think it did not turn out too bad either.

IMG_9877The pink coloured rice was coloured using sakura denbu, green rice was with deco furi and orange rice was mixed with steamed pumpkin.

LT wanted to bring the sushi to school, so I packed one in his bento box, along with gyozas.

Found a picture of these lovely flowers in my camera, so I thought I'll upload it as well. :)
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