Wednesday 13 November 2013

My Melody Somen

Today's post comes with step by step pictures. :) I've received requests to show how to create My Melody somen after I shared it. I remade it again to take photos of the process, it's really not difficult to make.

This is the My Melody somen I'm talking about. The white portion is the usual somen, the pink portion is done using ume somen, which are already pink in colour. I am serving it cold, with a dipping sauce.

This was the same plate of somen, I added on a mouth for My Melody.

I like happy Melody. :)

I changed the mouth to create a surprised look for Melody.

Lol, I was just playing around, my boys chose the smiley version eventually.

To create your My Melody somen, start off by arranging your cooked somen on the plate in an oval shape. You can do it in a lunchbox, if you prefer.

Add ume somen on top. If you cannot find ume somen, what you can do is to cook your white somen in water dyed with beetroot or pink colouring.

Add on Melody ears.

For eyes, cut out ovals from nori, placed it on cheese and cut out using a toothpick. I cut out the nose from an egg sheet. It's easier to fold your nori and egg sheet in half to cut out your ovals.

I used ham for Melody's bow. You will need a round slice of ham, another strip of ham and pasta.

Arrange the round slice of ham as shown in the picture.

Wrap the strip of ham around it and secure with pasta.

Assemble all the parts together. Ta-dah, My Melody somen is completed. You can serve it this way, if you like.

Or you can add on chopped spring onions around Melody, I find this gives it a finishing touch and the spring onion also complements the dipping sauce.
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  1. Thanks for sharing the tutorial! I love how the chopped spring onions around My Melody gives better contrast and makes it look prettier!

  2. Super lovely lovely melody! love the pink somen!!

  3. OMG, this is so cute Ming! Love the pink somen and you are so lucky to find them there. Making me so hungry now....yum:)


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