Wednesday 18 December 2013

Hello Kitty Reindeer & Snowman Bento

I could not decide whether I should make a Hello Kitty reindeer or snowman, so I ended up making them both in my boys' bento yesterday.

These were for dinner last night. I missed the yummy grilled pork and shio koji chicken we had during our recent trip, so I tried to replicate both dishes yesterday. Mine were definitely not as good as the ones we had, but I guess it's good enough to satisfy my cravings.

Reindeer Kitty is made from rice, aburaage tofu, sausages, nori and egg. Snowman Kitty is made from rice, sausage, nori and egg. This winter bento reminds me of our recent trip. We were blessed with plenty of snow during our two days up on the mountains, it was snowing for both days. My boys are already asking for another winter holiday next year.

The original version of the grilled pork, beef and shio koji chicken I was talking about. So good we went back to the same shop again the following day.

Gorgeous scenery up on the mountains, looks like a winter wonderland. My boys did their first snow angel and we built a snowman. :)
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  1. Beautiful winter scenery! And love the bento!

  2. What a nice winter wonderland and I am sure your boys enjoyed very much and looking forward to another vacay soon.:) Super cute bento and I like both the HK and reindeer!:)

  3. super cute kitty xmas bento!!! like them both!


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