Thursday 26 December 2013

Santa & Reindeer Bento

Happy belated Christmas! I was hoping to get this post up on my blog before Christmas, but I was both busy and lazy, which explains why this post is only up on the blog today. -_- I still have quite a lot of backlog to blog, not sure when I'll ever get them done at the rate I'm going. Hiaz.

Reindeer and Santa were made from mashed potato and sausage, their red noses are bubu arare ( rice puffs). I did not do a good job on the moulding, this was actually a last minute charaben, everything was done in a rush. I was busy baking that day as well. Reminder to self to not try to multi-task too much.

I actually have a few more Christmas ideas, but I got a little caught up in baking recently, guess I will just have to leave those ideas till next Christmas.

My boys made this very simple santa from strawberry and marshmallow before our vacation. They also helped to cut out the star shaped christmas tree at the back from pandan bread. :)
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