Thursday 19 December 2013

Japanese Milk Bun Bear

I made these Japanese milk buns bears before my vacation. I know some of you are waiting for the recipe. The reason why I delayed in sharing was because they did not turned out quite right in my first attempt. The milk buns were supposed to be white, but mine turned out a little brown, which explained why I had to make a little adjustment and attempt them again before I could share the recipe. I finally managed to make some panda buns yesterday night, using the same recipe with some minor adjustments, they turned out well this time, phew. :)

I have removed the recipe from this post and updated the recipe HERE instead. :)

Here are the bear buns I made. I found quite a lot of photos in my camera, so I'll be posting a little more photos.

The features were drawn with chocolate and cake decor gel.

I also made full bodies versions, using the same dough.

This milk bun recipe is a keeper, it's chewy and soft and still taste good the following day.

Since I was making bears, the light brown buns actually ended up looking nicer than if they had been white, guess it was a mistake that turned out good, lol. There were hardly any difference in taste between these and the white versions.

I served these bears for our dinner, everyone had one with some chicken cutlet, and Japanese veggie curry.


  1. Adorable! I love that you also made a full body version and that you served them for dinner. It made me smile.

  2. These are lovely! I've done something similar but never this cute! Thanks for the tips. Def going to make these again sometime soon!

  3. They are SUPER adorable and I love them!! Great idea to serve for dinner.:)


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