Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Snowman Sushi & Marshmallow

Last year just after Christmas, I saw some inari sushi snowmen online. I thought they were rather cute, I saved the image then, so I can remember to make them this year.

These are inari snowmen I'm talking about, aren't they cute?

The snowmen are little rice balls stuffed in Aburaage tofu pouches, decorated with carrots, egg sheet, nori and crabstick.

It's the rainy season over here, the weather was just perfect for some hot chocolate. I made two snowmen out of marshmallows for my boys to have with their hot chocolate.

All you need to create these are marshmallows, sour strips and strawberries. I used melted chocolate and a sprinkler for the eyes, nose and mouth.

They look good without their strawberry hats too. :)
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