Monday 23 December 2013

Teddy Bear Shiratama

It was Winter Solstice yesterday, a time when Chinese will eat glutinous rice balls boiled in a sweet soup base, called Tang Yuan. My mum made us the traditional version on Saturday night when we drop by her house for our usual weekly dinner. And yesterday, I made my boys a cute version using the Japanese shiratama flour. The taste and texture of shiratama is very similar to the Chinese Tang Yuan.

These are very easy to make, just mix equal amounts of shiratama flour and silken tofu. Mix together till you can mould, just add a little more tofu if the mixture is still too dry. Then, shape them into whatever you like, traditionally these are shaped into balls. I made teddy bears this time. I have made pandas and penguins shiratama before, check them out HERE.

The dough can be coloured with the usual food gel colourings, and you can either mould on the tiny details or draw them on using food markers. Lastly, just cook them in boiling water till they floats. Serve with your favourite sweetened soup. I served them here in a sugar syrup with fruits. :)


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