Tuesday 17 December 2013

LINE Brown & Cony Christmas Bento

Hello, I'm back again! :) Got back on Saturday night, still stuck on the daunting task of clearing our laundry. I do not have a dryer, so I'm under the mercy of the weather, the clothes are not drying up fast enough and I'm still have lots to clear away. -_-

No, I do not miss cooking and making bentos at all, lol. But since we have been eating out for way too long, I started cooking yesterday. I ended up making a bento for my boys in a new bento box.

The beautiful bento box is from black + blum. I received it just before I left for my vacation. I will do a review of this box next week, I'm trying to blog about all my Christmas bentos before Christmas.

I made Brown and Cony from the LINE handphone application for this Christmas bento. Brown is pretending to be a reindeer, he even has a red nose. :) Cony has a Santa hat made from sausages. The duo are made from rice, nori, ham and sausages. Christmas tree is blanched broccoli, decorated with a star carrot, picks and pasta.
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