Friday 3 January 2014

Oscar Soba & Salad

I grew up watching Sesame Street, it's also the first cartoon my boys watched. They used to love it when they were little, but they have since moved on to other cartoons. I made Elmo and Cookie Monster before, click HERE to check out my previous bentos. This time, I decided to make Oscar instead. :)

Oscar made from soba, details done with cheese, crabstick, nori and abura-age. Can you spot Oscar's pet worm Smiley? It's cut out from egg sheet.

I served the soba with grilled salmon.
I made an Oscar salad for myself, my boys came over to take a look as I was photographing it and they say it looks like a green Lorax. -_-

I used chicken cutlet for Oscar's eyebrows, his eyes are made from banana and blueberries. :)
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